Winnipeg's Permanent Makeup Services

Permanent Eyeliner Services

With our eyeliner procedure we add pigment close to the eyelash in order to add definition to the lashes. We have a variety of looks including Natural, Soft and Dramatic. We also have customizable eyelash options. Contact us for more information. 




Permanent Eyebrow Solutions

Feather Eyebrow

Feather Eyebrow makes the hair look and feel real, while giving it a beautiful and defined look. This technique creates very fine lines, which look like real hair give your eyebrows a great soft and natural look. 

Blend-In Eyebrow 

The Blend-In affect causes a more defined and exceptional eyebrow; the eyebrow will appear darker at first. This will fade after 4-5 days.






Permanent Lip Services

We define your lips with Permanent or Semi Permanent lip liners and enhancing the shape of your lips while correcting your faded or uneven contours. With our full lip enhancements, you can choose from a large selection of colours.

Lip liner Solutions

Lip liner can accentuate the lips by creating a more definite lip shape, enhancing the fullness and bring more colour to the lips. Immediately after the treatment, the colour will appear brighter. It will fade and soften with healing.

Full Lip Services

Individuals who have dealt with pale or gloomy lips, uneven lips or lips that have lost shape will all benefit from this procedure. 


Men’s Permanent Lip maquillage 

We also offer procedures for men who suffer from having no definite lip shape, pale or gloomy lips, uneven lips or lips that have lost shape. Contact us for more information. 


Colour Correction Services

We can improve the colour and complexion of your lips, eyebrows and eye lids with our permanent makeup solutions.


For more information on our Permanent Make-Up Services

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